Whites Goldmaster 24K Metaldetector

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White's Goldmaster GTM Metaldetector

Voor onze exportklanten: Special metaldetector for finding gold nuggets in Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinée, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Togo, Bénin, Sudan and South Africa. But also for other countries were there are a lot of gold particles in the ground: THIS is your metal detector!

We have been selling this metal detector for many years now and our customers world wide do find lots of gold with this detector. The most gold in the world is still found with the White’s GMT Goldmaster from DetectorWereld.nl!

So if you live in Holland and you have family or friends living in countries were there are gold nuggets in the ground; you can order your GMT Goldmaster detector directly through our webshop or you can make an appointment to pick up your metaldetector by paying cash. We only work by appointment!

How does this metal detector work? (also watch the video!)

If you want to know how this detector works, you can easily click on ‘Bekijk de VIDEO’ at the top of this page. This will give you and your friends a perfect idea of how easy this machine works.

What is so fantastic about this metal detector is that it works very easy. You can just switch the controls to the ‘standard settings’ and you can start finding gold right away!

Ofcourse you can also adjust the controls at your favourite positions, but you don’t have to. It will make finding gold as easy as it gets for you!

Advantages of GMT Goldmaster to other brands of metal detectors:

Most important advantages of the GMT from DetectorWereld are that gold nuggets are often found in mineralized grounds. Normal detectors have big problems with these grounds; not the GMT. It can ignore this mineralisation so you can concentrate on the gold!

Another big advantage is the that the detector gives you a perfect indication if the object under the search coil is iron: it gives a ‘% probability of iron’. So if the display says: ‘85% probability of iron’; don’t dig,…it will be iron.

The GMT of DetectorWereld.nl comes with a Twin DD search coil specially for goldfinding on mineralised grounds. It also comes with a battery pack with 8 penlights.

A few features of this fantastic goldfinder:

  • S.A.T. Speed: with this switch you can adjust the speed that you swipe/walk with the coil over the ground. Normal settings is position 3 of 4.
  • Audio Treshold: with this switch you can adjust the sound level.
  • Gain: with this switch you can adjust the sensitivity. Normal setting is between 7 or 8.
  • Fast Autotrac: in this position the detector does all the ground balancing for you
  • Manual Ground Balance: you can do the ground balancing your self.
  • Signal Boost: give the sound an extra boost, so you can be sure that you ‘hear’ the gold.
  • Battery Test: see the conditions of your batteries.
  • Grab: measures the groundbalance and locks it; ideal for searching on mineralised grounds.

Size and weight of the GMT (export information)

The detector it self weighs 1.72 kg including the batteries. You can easily take i tappart in 3 small pieces. Maximum size will then be 58 cm for the pole.

If you want to ship your GMT in the original cardboard box the total weight will be 3.32 kg (incl. batteries, manual etc.). Size: L 66cm x W 45 x H 13,5 cm.


If you need the ultimate gold nugget detector: this is it! It operaties on 48 khz and will find many gold nuggets even on difficult grounds. We supply it with an English and Spanish manual and DVD.

You can order this detector through our webshop www.detectorwereld.nl. Shipment all over The Netherlands is free of charge. If you wish to pick up your GMT; this is only possible by appointment and on cash payment.

For more infomation you can mail us at info@detectorwereld.nl . We speak English, Dutch and German.

Informatie voor onze Nederlandstalige klanten: wij hebben bovenstaande omschrijving in het Engels gedaan omdat de meeste klanten voor een GMT detector Engelstalig zijn. Uiteraard kunnen wij u ook in het Nederlands te woord staan als u ons mailt of belt.

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